Girls’ Leadership Development In Action: CARE’s experience from the field

CARE recently published “Girls’ Leadership Development in Action” as a follow-on to the 2009 edition called, “The Power to Lead: A Leadership Model for Adolescent Girls” which outlined CARE’s approach to leadership development and the prioritization of girls. In this document, you will see the results of research and programming in twenty eight countries across the globe from Honduras to Mali and Malawi to Cambodia, where CARE is implementing a comprehensive approach to education focused not only on providing girls with access to quality and equitable education, but also emphasizes leadership skills development.

A key finding from CARE’s evaluations is that in order for adolescent girls to capitalize on their education, it is critical to equip them with the skills and support that will enable them to:

  • express their opinions and ideas,
  • take action individually and collectively on issues of  personal importance, make healthy decisions,
  • and work toward future dreams and goals.

The document highlights key successes, critical lessons learned and important considerations for development practitioners as they design and implement girls’ education and leadership development interventions. This evidence supports the theory that education is the foundation of girls’ empowerment, but we must address the social structures around girls in order to enable them to realize their full potential.

The full report is available here:


Source: INEE

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